Optimize Your Searchability: Google Us!

Christine: Finding Nonprofits Online: Searching tips on Google and Google Maps In order to use technology to spread awareness an organization should take advantage of the Google Maps/places tool. This tool allows for an organization to increase their location on searches. I
will show non-profits how to be higher up in the search results and how to use the appropriate language on their website in order to make them a result for multiple searches. Finally, I will explain the importance of optimizing the Google search function to bring their non-profit to the
top of the results.

Jessica: Without a Hitch: Creating a Seamless Web Experience I would like to speak about the importance of a seamless experience while exploring a nonprofit’s website. It is important that a nonprofit’s website is appealing to those exploring it because this allows the visitor to find
the information on a specific webpage that they are looking for. Unnecessary design additions as well as layout flaws distract the visitor from the actual information provided by the nonprofit. If a website’s layout is too difficult for the visitor to maneuver, this could turn the visitor away which could leave room to potentially lose out on volunteers or even donations.

Shatoya: A Better You, A Better Me is based on a shared vision between the nonprofit agency and volunteers. The nonprofit agencies that are looking to increase volunteerism would do so by providing an actual environment of opportunities for the volunteers to gain experiences and
utilize experiences they may already have or are looking to improve in. This allows everyone the opportunity to become better and the nonprofit to invest in the collaboration of ideas. The Nonprofit would come up with the vision and allow other individuals to volunteer their talent and also challenging the volunteers to be better. Doing so will help to build and increase healthy relationships as well as promote shared vision. This will allow people who volunteer to feel like they are helping to birth the vision into reality. I have found that shared vision make people feel connected to the vision personally which will keep people dedicated.


4 thoughts on “Optimize Your Searchability: Google Us!

  1. This is great! Non-profits need to know how important it is that they update and utilize their search buttons. I can’t wait to see this presentation!

  2. Your presentation topics sound incredibly interesting! I think that this area is something that is overlooked in the nonprofit sector.

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