Making Smartphones Smarter: How NGOs can make their websites mobile ready

More and more people these days are navigating the internet from their smartphones. In order to gain more volunteers and supporters, nonprofit organizations need to harness the power of smart phones. This discussion will help nonprofit organizations improve their web presence on a mobile phone by making the site more accessible and user-friendly. Presenters will compare nonprofit organizations’ mobile websites based on their degree of mobile readiness. The presenters will also discuss ways that nonprofit organizations can create mobile ready websites
themselves and how they can use quick response codes to interact with their supporters and volunteers.

Ryan Mishler: The good and the bad: A comparison of nonprofit mobile-ready websites

This presentation and paper will discuss the differences between a good mobile website and a bad mobile website. The presenter will be providing real-world examples of both good and bad websites. This will help the audience know what to look for when encountering problems with their mobile website and will help the audience know what they can strive for when improving their websites. A mobile ready website would be easy to navigate, have a user-friendly interface, a fast load time, and other aspects. Examples of mobile ready sites and non-mobile ready sites will be taken from nonprofit organizations from across Illinois.

Dave Anians: How to Create a Mobile Website

An important aspect of this presentation will be showing the necessary steps to actually make a mobile-friendly website. When it comes to actually making a mobile site, there is a variety of directions you can go. There are a good number of websites you can go to in order to do this.
Some cost money and many are free, but they all range in quality and complexity. Basically, these sites let you design what your site will look like to people surfing the internet from a mobile phone. This will most likely be an increasing trend, so it is important that mobile users
get the same site quality as people on a regular computer. This will involve showing accessible tools that are easy to make and update. By presenting the different sites one can use to make a mobile site for their organization, we hope to help organizations find the best match for their

Jody Quinn: Scan Me: QR Codes for Nonprofits

In the wake of a ‘smart phone’ take over, it is the responsibility of the not-for profit sector to stay not only fluent in our ever changing technological world, but to also remain within reach of its audience. The QR Code is a new and exploding resource that can connect an organization with both their existing and future supporters, and the populations it wishes to serve. A QR code is a algorithmic bar code placed on promotional merchandise such as a poster, business card, t-
shirt, etc… that, with the use of a smart phone app, can be scanned by the users phone in order to launch them to a particular web page. The QR code is an effortless way for the consumer to stay connected and informed. During the course of this presentation it is our hope to reveal the opportunities of this valuable technological life line and how to most effectively utilize it.


3 thoughts on “Making Smartphones Smarter: How NGOs can make their websites mobile ready

  1. Hey everyone! Here is one website we found that is an easy-to-use resource for seeing what your site can look like when adapted to a mobile phone. It’s free to play around with and use, but a paid plan can unlock more options and better use!

  2. The tech fair was such a wonderful experience, I learned so much through out the course of the semester and hope the knowledge serves well to the mission of our local not for profits. My fellow classmates and I worked hard to provided the best information and resources to all involved.

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