Magically Effective Websites

It’s time to make your website magical! Becoming a website wizard is only a few  broom sticks away. Fortunately, you do not have to conjure up fancy HTML codes or be Harry Potter to master Web design. In the present day, technology is at the center of most forms of communication, so it is no surprise that the Web site has become the communication cornerstone for organizations such as nonprofits (Wymer 2011). Of all the Web site users, Web site design is particularly important for non-profit organizations. A well designed Web site could
mean the difference between receiving a $5.00 donations and receiving a $500.00 donation. Issues discussed during this presentation will include: Web site design, the importance of transparency and privacy, content management, and Web site vs. social media. Magically
effective will be a supernatural presentation that your organization cannot afford to miss!

Latasha Bennett- Website Wizard, BYOW- Build Your Own Website

During this portion of the presentation, organizations will be introduced to sites that offer “build your own Web site” software, learn the pros and cons of utilizing websites that offer free templates for Web design as well the use of graphic designers. Other issues discussed will include Web site usability, visual design, and interactivity.

Lauren Wise – The Magic 8 Ball, Web site and Social Media Questions Answered

Where do you put your calendar events? Where do you put new photos and video? When do you update your website and when do you update your social media? During this portion of the presentation nonprofits will learn how to maintain their social media and Web sites.

Adam Bass – A Wave of the Wand, Mobile Version of Nonprofit Web sites

During this portion of the presentation, nonprofits will learn the advantages to having mobile versions for their website and tips for how to properly format mobile versions of Web sites.

Jon Honstadt — Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability is becoming one of the biggest talked about subjects in the nonprofit sector.  For the nonprofit world transparency is means financial accountability, openness to the public about missions or programs and the overall governance of the organization. Making information available easily and clearly to the public is important to nonprofits because nonprofits get most of their funds and resources from the public or government. These groups want to know that the resources they are giving out are used efficiently and appropriately.  This presentation will look at what directly needs to be made public and the reasons behind that transparency.


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