Fundraising Steps That Make Cents

Not-for-profit organizations depend greatly on fundraising and donations to follow their mission and make a difference. Firstly, nonprofits need to explore different technological avenues to capture a broader group of donors and increase fundraising. Once these organizations obtain such funds, it is important for them create useful presentations that demonstrate the effectiveness of how said funds are being used.

Booting up Fundraising in the 21st Century by Caitlin Hahne

Abstract: With a society depending on technology more and more, not-for-profit organizations need to embrace these technological changes in order to adapt and survive. Nonprofits need to make donating quick and easy for its followers. In this presentation, different technological opportunities that nonprofits can take advantage of will be explored in order to raise donations and further their cause. There are a few avenues that these organizations can take advantage of in order to bring their funding and donating into the 21st century.

Your Money in Color by Flor Carabez

Abstract: This presentation includes creative ways to show the effectiveness of the funds being raised, through technology, with charts and/or images.


One thought on “Fundraising Steps That Make Cents

  1. Presentations on fundraising are going great! There’s going to be several amazing ways that not-for-profits can reach out for donations via technology that will be introduced to those who attend. Please attend to take advantage of our great information!

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