From the Ground Up

The ability to access information and communicate with other people is at its highest that it is ever been. The information age has brought revolutions to the way we work study and go about our daily business. And to connect to an ever growing populace that is attached to
their phones, why not exploit it? Nonprofits should be looking into mobile apps. Being able to successfully communicate with the near largest generation at the moment insures the survival and competitiveness of a nonprofit.

Joe Calabria: How to Benefit From Mobile Apps

There are many ways that mobile applications can help an organization. I would like to illustrate the benefits of mobile applications. I will provide examples on how to use mobile applications to their greatest potential. I will provide statistics from the private sector to show
how mobile applications have helped them boost business and how using the same technology can boost awareness, donations and general traffic through the organization.

Laney Martin Simple mobile apps for nonprofits

Mobile apps can be useful in many situations. Mobile apps can make searching much easier and faster. It is usually much more simple that having to go to the website especially if you are away from an actual computer. A mobile app for an organization should be very user
friendly and offer important relevant information. The mobile app should not be cluttered with information that most people using the app would not be looking for.

Morgan Ondo What Nonprofits Can Learn from technology in the Obama election

The millennial generation looks for much of their interaction through technology such as online videos and social media. Obama’s campaign utilized these venues along with their own dashboard social network link which both motivated and expanded the ranks of volunteers
they had. By connecting with this generation in terms they live by, Obama seemed more in tune-and in touch with the people of this country. Obama’s ground campaign used a local approach to contact voters, discover their political concerns, and persuade them that the president would support them in a second term. The organization has very useful social media sites on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube. OFA is all about action. The presentation will focus on how
technology can help with organizing for advocacy in nonprofits.

John Kendall: Using technology to build support, collect data and interpret data

Nonprofits need to learn how to adapt to the change in order to stay competitive in an ever expanding field. This includes the ability to collect and analyze data from multiple sources and tailor their message accordingly. From all the data collected over these multiple platforms
his campaign was able to test what worked and what did not. Messages were tailored in such a way as to increase donation output and spur unlikely voters into voting. Nonprofits need to be able to collect data on donors, interpret the said data, and then be able to utilize it for their


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