Curtains Closed (eye on M.M.R.P.D)

The acronyms in our presentation title stand for Mission, media relations, and prospective donors. We came up with the title based on the fact that we will be speaking on the behind the scenes information that most prospective donors, organizations, or business partners
may not be aware of when thinking about becoming potential business partners or donors. Our objective is to inform our audience on techniques that they can use to better their organizations and to inform them on things that can possibly hurt their organizations success.

Rickia Cox: Technology and Media Relation

I will be presenting information about the importance of relationships, Building media relationships, and the pros and cons of media relationships in public relations.

Lakeisha Brown: Technology and Donor Relations

I will be talking to nonprofits about ways to keeping in contact with their donors by E-mailing newsletters, keeping the website updated and engaging and social media. I will also talk to them about ways they can keep track of their donors by Avectra Social CRM, Bloomerang and non-
ask events.
Amanda Cantu: Mission: Nonprofit will be focusing on the mission aspect and what donors look for in a well written mission.


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