Communication Devices Available to Those in Need

The purpose of project is for each group member to research one disability and elaborate on it by talking about what products are available to help a person with disabilities communicate more efficiently. We will talk about what products are available, how this particular product is used, how much it costs and what the product look like, and a video of how people use them in everyday life.

Steffanie Baseley: Wheel Chair Technology for Those with Physical Problems:

Steffanie will talk about wheel chairs and what is available to those with physical problems. She will discuss the certain types of wheel chairs such as wheel chairs that are powered by very little hand movement compared to those that are meant for “off-roading.” She will also discuss the price ranges of these products and if you can get funding.

Kenyatta Thomas: Devices That Can Help the Blind Navigate The World:

Kenyatta will talk about the blind and what is available to people who need these devices, how people who suffer from blindness need assistance in daily life to achieve independence as much as possible, and some of the Devices that can help blind people navigate in the world in different types of ways.

Peter: waiting on title and description

Matt: Technology and Serving Those With Autism

In my project, I will be discussing and demonstrating the accessibility people with autism and blindness have in the world today. As a resource, I will be using School District 843. This is a non-profit organization, which focuses exclusively on students with special needs.


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