A Non Profit’s Secret Weapon

Kyle Kadlec: From Mission to Branding

The introduction portion of this group will go over specific examples of Mission Statements,
how to form an Impactful Mission Statement, and the importance of linking it to your brand.

Johannah Bussie: Brand I.D.E.A. Integrity, Democracy, Ethics and Affinity

This portion of the presentation will teach the NPO’s how to shape and define their brand and
organization thru the use of the Brand I.D.E.A.

Corina Zatarain: Brand Creation and Execution

Learn what the 3 Principles to a Brand are and how to utilize them to create your brand. You will
also learn how to use technology to have a successful brand.

Karen Castillo: Let’s Talk fundraising!

You will learn different ways to use your brand to raise money for your NPO. I will provide
a specific example of a successful way to use technology collect donations and items for your
fundraiser, as well as a checklist and event planning guide.


2 thoughts on “A Non Profit’s Secret Weapon

  1. Our presentation will be very interesting and informational!! Make sure your Nonprofit does not miss out on this great opportunity, and can take home valuable information that will definetly make a difference.

  2. I think that the topics that are being covered in this presentation are vital for non-profits and for attracting more volunteers and donors.

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