Panel 1: A Non Profit’s Secret Weapon

  • From Mission to Branding
  • Brand I.D.E.A. Integrity, Democracy, Ethics and Affinity
  • Brand Creation and Execution
  • Let’s Talk fundraising!

Panel 2: Optimize Your Searchability: Google Us!

  • Finding Nonprofits Online: Searching Tips on Google and Google Maps
  • Without a Hitch: Creating a Seamless Web Experience
  • A Better You, A Better Me

Panel 3: From the Ground Up

  • How to Benefit from Mobile Apps
  • Simple Mobile Apps for Nonprofits
  • What Nonprofits Can Learn from Technology in the Obama Election
  • Using Technology to Build Support, Collect Data and Interpret Data

Panel 4: Making Smartphones Smarter: How NGOs Can Make Their Websites Mobile Ready

  • The good and the bad: A comparison of nonprofit mobile-ready websites
  • How to Create a Mobile Website
  • Scan Me: QR Codes for Nonprofits

Panel 5: The Circle of Volunteer Satisfaction, Optimizing Your Volunteer Output

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Recognition

Panel 6: The Basics: Simple Tools to Maximize Your Impact

  • File Sharing Technology for Non-Profits
  • Technology Vocab and Equipment Needed for Non-Profits
  • Synergy is Key: Discovering your social media avenue and
    managing your web presence
  • Nonprofit Website Development: From Strategy to Maintenance

Panel 7: Magically Effective Websites

  • Website Wizard, BYOW- Build Your Own Website
  • The Magic 8 Ball, Web site and Social Media Questions Answered
  • A Wave of the Wand, Mobile Version of Nonprofit Websites

Panel 8:  Fundraising Steps That Make Cents

  • Booting up Fundraising in the 21st Century
  • Your Money in Color
  • Nonprofit Fundraising for Dummies

Panel 9: Technology aiding in Volunteer Success and Accountability

  • Volunteer Reward System and Tracking
  • Effective Media to Motivate Present and Future Volunteers
  • Web series or seminars to attract/train Volunteers

Panel 10: Curtains Closed (eye on M.M.R.P.D)

  • Technology and Media Relation
  • Technology and Donor Relations
  • Mission: Nonprofit

Panel 11: Communication Devices Available to Those in Need

  • Wheel Chair Technology for Those with Physical Problems:
  • Devices That Can Help the Blind Navigate The World
  • Technology and Serving Those With Autism

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