NIU Nonprofit TechCon 2013 Interview Series

I asked a number of students, faculty, and nonprofit directors how they thought technology benefits nonprofit organizations.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! What an awesome event. All of you should feel proud – your hard work showed! When the next crop of newbies arrives for next year’s event, we’ll be able to give them some guidance. Have a great summer!


The Official Agenda [Marketing Team]

The Panels Pages Are Up! [Marketing Team]

If I may direct all of your attention to the top of the page, you’ll see a lovely addition to our menu titled, “Panels.” If you hover over them, you’ll see all of the panels that will be presenting at the Nonprofit Tech Con 2013! Read them all, get to know what kind of awesome information is going to be shown, and make sure to comment, share, and spread the word.