New Eventbrite Page is Up! [Marketing Team]

The new page to RSVP is at: I made a new page here on the blog with a nice little button. It’s also integrated into the flyer as well! When I print out the flyer and throw it around school I’ll include a scannable code that’ll include the link to it.



New Flyer is Up! [Marketing Team]

In the spirit of the conference, I decided to try to find a cutting edge web app to create a really awesome flyer that would look sexy in emails, be social media friendly, and have the ability to print so I could throw it up around the school. The magic of Google led me to Very dynamic and intuitive. Check out the result:

Looks great, right? I can send this out via email, Facebook, Twitter, and a dozen other outlets. Now we just have to finalize which people are in what panels and I start actually marketing!